First Session - Playwriting Workshop Series

posted May 7, 2012, 10:08 PM by Michael Wood   [ updated May 8, 2012, 2:08 PM ]
So tonight was the first night of our Playwriting Workshop Series for Veterans. It was neat to see how our military background and everyday life  stories fit into playwriting. 

Our great mentor for this series is Mrs. Erika Phillips and she comes with more than 20 years experience. She is currently acting in the play Brownie Points and is showing until May 27th  at the Lamb's Players Theater in Coronado, CA.  For more information please go to 

What we went over tonight 

-The differences between Autobiographical fiction and Memoirs
-We read a StagePlay and went over the Dialogue with the narrative
    -We looked at how we could have changed some of the narrative into more dialogue to make it more compelling. 

-Dialogue What is it?
    -To be seen 
    -To be heard
    -Actors express emotion
    -show/reveals- plot, character, geography, age, background
    - the characters' relationships, desires and conflicts are revealed

Writing prompt from tonight - Goal keep writing no changes no line through's,  just keep going. 10m

I am a ...

Assignment for next week

Write a monolog from the aspect of an inanimate object that might be found on or with a military person.
Bring in printouts for everyone to read if you can.

And if you are so inclined,  here is what  I (the worst writer in the world)  wrote from the writing prompt tonight. Warning !!! Unedited.. Maybe some spelling fixed or maybe not..

I am a military man with very little and you want me to spend how much?!? 
I've given everything to my country and I want to spend just one week in the Caribbeans with my estranged wife and your're telling me I have to give my other arm to afford it. But wait, wait, wait your're up selling me to something different, and that is OK with you?!?

Sir it was just a suggestion as it is such a great deal today. It's a piece of the American dream, not some over blown, overpriced plain ride to some hostile sand pile in the middle of the ocean...